Sunday, October 16, 2005

Success at Memphis Meet for Sumner County Swimmers

Sumner County Swimmer Excel In Memphis Swim Meet

October 16, 2005……12 members of Excel Aquatics who live in Hendersonville and Gallatin traveled to the Aquatics Center at the University of Memphis for a meet hosted by the Memphis Tigers Club, Oct. 15-16th. Making the trip were Mary Catherine Binkley, Jimmie Joe Boone, Lauren Gilroy, Preston Johnson, Madison Kolbe, Kyle Lee, John Mainland, Chelsa Messinger, Katie Mize, Paige Scheriger, Michael Scheriger and Brittany Zobl.

Following up on her success as the top 8 year old in the region last season, Paige Scheriger of Indian Lake Elementary, now competing in the 10&Under age category, placed in the Top 8 in all 8 of her events in that age group, with top 4 finishes coming in 7 events. Her classmate, Madison Kolbe made sure that everyone knows that she is an up and coming force to be dealt with, with a 4th place finish in the Girl’s 10&Under 50 Yard Breaststroke. These two friends also swam the 500 Yard Freestyle for the first time ever, competing in the Open category against girls that were much older than they. Also from Indian Lake Elementary was Jimmie Joe Boone, who placed 13th in both the Boy’s 10&Under 100 Yard Backstroke, and 200 Yard Freestyle.

Several swimmers at the meet attend Ellis Middle School. Lauren Gilroy, a 7th Grader, hit the local swimming scene in grand style. “I was pleased with Lauren’s efforts in the 200 Yard and 400 Yard Individual Medley events.” Excel Aquatics Assistant Coach John Barnes noted. “She dropped significant time in both events, and swam them just as we had mapped out beforehand. She’s a smart girl, she picked up on the strategy we discussed, and went out there and executed it.” John Mainland, another 7th Grader at Ellis, had significant time drops in 6 of his 7 events in the 11&12 Year Old Boy’s category, and really shined in the 50 Yard Freestyle, with a 2.4 second drop. Michael Scheriger, a 6th Grader at Ellis, dropped time in all his events, and swam the 500 Yard Freestyle for the first time and had great time drops in both of his Backstroke events.

Brittany Zobl, a 6th Grader at Sumner Academy, dropped times in 5 events in the Girl’s 11&12 year old category, and swam the 500 Freestyle for the first time. Brittany did very well; she’s learning that strategy is an important part of racing, as is learning to execute what she works on in practice.” Barnes stated.

5 swimmers in High School also competed in the meet. Mary Catherine Binkley and Katie Mize, both from JPII High School; Preston Johnson from Beech High School; Kyle Lee from Hendersonville High School; and Chelsa Messinger from Gallatin High School came together to compete for Excel Aquatics. “All of our swimmers performed well, and as coaches we are pleased with their progress at this point in the season. Amongst our Senior Level swimmers we are in the midst of heavy early season training, and several of them were wearing “drag-suits” for additional resistance. I’m pleased with their progress this season, with their aim being on high School State Championships, Sectional Championships, and Southeastern Championships in the Spring.” Barnes commented.

“Coach AJ Miley and Coach Andreea Ianoli-Mitrofan are doing fantastic jobs in keeping the younger kids positively motivated while continuing to improve on their technique and conditioning. Of note, the swimmers of Middle School age, Gilroy, Mainland, Zobl, and Michael Scheriger have been participating in a Dryland training routine twice a week that is designed to improve their quickness, conditioning, and ability to power themselves off the pool’s walls during a race.” Barnes concluded.

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